The Power of Sport: Building communities together Sport doesn’t just develop individuals; it helps build stronger communities by bring people together. It reminds us that more unites us than divides us, promotoing values such as teamwork, cooperation, mutual respect, and acceptance. By taking part in sports, you foster social connections, promote inclusivitiy, and enhances the […]

Unlocking the Benefits of Exercise We all know that exercise is important to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. However getting into exercise is sometimes easier said than done and we don’t always know all the benefits that come from it.  Exercise improves your mental health Exercise is an incredible stress reliever, it offers many […]

Pro-Eco funds first aid classes for Fighting Fit Boxing We are thrilled to announce that one of our sponsors; Pro-Eco, has helped Fighting Fit Boxing Academy ensure they offer the safest classes possible. With Pro-Eco funding first aid classes for their staff, this one day course will cover what to do in an emergency situation […]