Unlocking the Benefits of Exercise


We all know that exercise is important to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. However getting into exercise is sometimes easier said than done and we don’t always know all the benefits that come from it. 

Exercise improves your mental health

Exercise is an incredible stress reliever, it offers many benefits to helping you destress. Exercise releases endorphins and serotonin that help improve your mood. By regular exercise you can improve your sleep, mood and confidence. It can also aid in managing symptoms of depression and anxiety. On top of all of this it can help improve your memory and brain function. 

Attending an exercise class can help improve your socialising skill and help you to meet new people. If its an outside class you can connect with nature. 

Exercise improves your overall health 

It is proven that regular exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, bowel cancer, breast cancer in women, early death, osteoarthritis, depression and dementia.

Exercise helps to improve your overall life style. 

With regular exercise our muscles get stronger and we boost own endurance. Making running after our kids, carrying in the shopping and general day to day life so much easier. 

Exercise can be a fun and social activity!

At Hailsham Active we know that all the classes we have supported are fun, welcoming and social classes. Many people who have attend each week have made new friends and come back because they have had fun during the classes. Yes, working out is still tiring and we all have days where it is a bit too much for us, but the friends we make at these classes keep us coming back each time. 

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